Yes,i Do Believe

Yes, I do believe.. :) :)
I have met him at this online game that I played last summer(april and may is summer here at my place). I wasn't addicted to the game, I would just go online to check if he is on so we can talk. :) :) A few days after we met on the game, he added me on facebook and then we quit playing the game. It was so funny cause we didn't talked about it.
Our distance is like half-way around the world. When it is night-time in there it is day-time in here, but despite the very BIG time difference we always find time to talk to each other. We also call and text each other. :) :) We are almost 3months now and I'm proud of it.
We also have this big difference, our religion and our way of life. :D :D
He is really sweet and I can really feel his love on me by the way he would speak to me. And for that I really really love him so much, love is so weird. I just hope that everything that he said was true cause I always tell him the truth and I would even cry everytime that we would have a fight. :) :) :)
We promised to each other that we will meet after we would finish school and when we both would find a job. :) :) It is 5years from now, but I am really hoping and wishing to the stars that we will last forever and someday I would marry him.
The funny part is that we have been talking about lots of things. :) :), like we were sure that we would end up marrying each other.
iHatshepsut iHatshepsut
22-25, F
Aug 6, 2010