That's The Only Way.

I have a lot of trouble with having a relationship. The only one i had was successful because we saw each other every week or two. I enjoyed that sweet suffering..I hate people who are possesive and also keep texting and calling me everyday. I need my freedom, that doesn't mean i'll cheat or something, but i don't wanna feel controled. I wanna miss someone and suffer a bit.
I'm not really a romantic person, so that's the only way for me.
I'm rarely in love coz i'm afraid i wouldn't want to be in relationship. IDK.
I am in love now and he is a sailor and i reaaaaaaally like him. He also lives out of my town and it would be perfect relationship for me. But the problem is he is different then me.
He says he'd like to be with me, but we are far. :/
I am complicated and i would really like to change this about myself but i just can't.
cocoharoche cocoharoche
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1 Response May 29, 2011

Definitely, i totally i agree with you. And i would give everything to have normal relationship, but i'm afraid of getting bored and losing my feelings. And i feel very bad when i have to reject or leave someone.