Unfortunately She Doesn't

I love the girl with all my heart and she knows exactly how I feel and claims to feel the same. However because we are living in different countries she doesn't think it will work out. She claims that her last boyfriend wrecked her belief in long distance. Recently she started seeing another guy and it is killing me every day. She says that one day we will be together but I just can't seem to see that happening, especially not with this other guy in the picture. I said as much the other day and told her I don't want to talk about "us" anymore because it hurts me too much. Problem is I still love her and can't see myself with anyone else.

I just wish life would cut me a break for once...
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1 Response Jul 16, 2011

Thanks for the offer mate but things have changed since I posted this, for the better =] She left him after he kept on hurting her (Jealousy is an aweful thing) and I helped her through it. A couple of weeks later and we are now together. <br />
<br />
However, I will accept the friend request, always good to have friends, who have something in common even if the outcome was different. Hope you find someone for you soon mate.