We're Just Days Apart.( LDR Advice)

 Long Distance Relationships do work! you only have to believe that with all your might and it will come true. If you wish hard enough and you both invest into it, there's no reason why you can't be happy together one day.

 I know what I'm talking about here... I's been nearly 2 months since I've known "him"...and he proved to be the missing puzzle that made me feel whole. And trust me, neither of us are the kind of people that would be easy to get to know.  It started off as nothing more than a friendship, an escape, and it turned to the most beautiful thing I've ever had. We've talked everyday and we've gradually progressed to deeper feelings and our wish to be close to eachother became so intese that he went to the extent of buying a ticket to come and see me, countries away, and spend New Year's together. It has to be the most unexpected and probably the most reckless thing anyone has ever done for a relationship, but it just goes to show how close we've become since you don't decide to leave on a whim (on your mother's birthday!!! D: ) and spend the holidays abroad with just anyone. I still am in awe, and the more I see him on webcam everyday and talk to him the more impossible he seems. It is now less than 2 weeks until I can get to see him and I'm counting down the hours and the days until I'm able to  hug him... But I can only believe it's an amazing dream until I can touch his hand and be certain....I just feel like the luckiest girl in the Universe!

And because of that I wanted to say to those out there that are in a simialr situation: don't despair! embrace what you have, appreciate one another, give yourself time  and share your feelings with one another as much as you can.  Don't forget that what you have is real, and like the majority of real things, it can be lost if you don't take good care of it. Don't try to blame your problems on distance. While it's true that it's the thing that's always keeping you apart, so is superficial communication and lack of seriousness as regards your relationship and lack of dedication and trust as well. Distance is a boundary that can be passed so easily if there is mutual understanding and genuine care as a rope between you to help one or the other make the leap. These are things that might take  months to develop or then again maybe just weeks (I should know.. *wink wink* xD), but only you can really know and feel where the two of you are at. Just remember to be there for the other person when they need you and when they don't, to listen to them and share thoughts of your own because it's very imporntant to never stop exploring the mysteries and secrets  of eachother.

Some long distance relationships won't work out. And that's okay... It's not something for everyone. But if you can check off most of the things enlisted above you better hold onto it with all you've got! Nothing in the world is worth trading that for. No matter how many miles in between. No matter how many good looking guys/girls line up at the doorstep for you! But be careful, keep a cool head and watch every step you make in terms of when you decide to take it to a different level or make decisions. Remember a relationship functions much like a brain, on the principle of continuous collaboration. If one of the sides shuts down, the system faces serious problems. Being together, really implies thinking and acting together too.:)

Well that said, I wish you goodluck and lots of love. Don' t forget to B+! (be positive!)
Take care.

P.S. Hold your fingers crossed for me! Just...9 days left for me! <3
SquareOne1 SquareOne1
18-21, F
Dec 19, 2011