Long Distance Mommy To Be

We met in the town I'm from he was working at a company that was down sizing we hit it off so well he left after four weeks when the job was done he got close to me and my five month old daughter that I take care Alone he travels down here when he has a break in between jobs and stays four five days 16 hr drive to and from recently we found out I'm pregnant which I was scared bc the fact I do take care my five month old daughter alone he lives in Ohio I live in Oklahoma we talk on the phone a lot when he isn't here it's hard bc neither one of us can move he has two kids in Ohio and I have to other kids I have joint custody of here not including my daughter then after I found out I was pregnant he also told me he was married but they have been separated for yrs he has told me he wants to Marry me so lost in all this I love him a lot more then I've ever loved any man it's the distance and taken care of another child alone and going though the whole pregnancy thing alone again
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Hi SingleMommy34! :) Please don't let that rude comment get to you! I wish you the best throughout your pregnancy! I know that it can be hard, especially ALREADY having a little one to take care of! I went through something very similar. Message me if you need anything! <br />
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if you love him and he loves you then you will find a way to make it work. It is hard when kids are in the picture but I'm sure he will be there for you. As for the other person who commented her... ignorant assholish people like that become that way because they aint too happy with their own lives. Pity her.

Also I seen your profile and I see why your here down grading me bc your husband cheated on you well everyone women is not that women so here some downgrading after looking at your profile I noticed your a stay at home mom that lives off your ex husband you musta drove him into another women's arms poor lil boy has has no one to look up to a father that cheated on his mother and a mother that is no were near independent so I say this yet again get facts before you judge someone and I'm sorry to hear about your cheating husband and being a single mom I've been there and I've made myself the strong women I am today

My ex husband cheated because he couldn't handle everything going on at the time and we stopped being physical. Its something I understand and he is still a great loving friend. I don't have to work outside the home because my ex husband loves our son and I am a mom 24/7 its the only job I need. I work outside only when I want to and if I want to. I learned woman that give themselves to in available men are sad unhappy woman. Most/all don't have any self control and are sad, alone and misable in life. You need a married man because you don't love yourself all that much. And adopting a child is great but its the only good thing you did.

I have a simple life that I can respect. I don't allow men in and out of my amazing childs life. Nor would I have a married mans child. So I judge you for being so ----easy----

Before you judge me educate yourself in math I'm have two child by a previous marriage which I have joint custody and a five month old I adopted I'm very educated in birth control that's why they put. 99% affect on any birth control bc there's that one percent change you can get pregnant I have a lot of respect for myself and FYI yes he is married I did not know know till after the fact when he told me he's been separated from his wife for eight years and I am not alone I have my children so before you sit there and disrespect someone telling there story get more facts And put your shoes on while your tip toeing so you won't get stepped on

So you have 3 kids by 3 people and not one of the fathers are with you? Lol your kids must love having a mother that has no respect for herself. I see no reason to tip toe around the truth you should learn to use birth control and stop sleeping with married men. No wonder you are alone you have no common sense