Unemployed Husband

My husband was unemployed for three years. I finally took the bull by the horn and started applying for jobs for him, He was never going to do it. He landed a job but it was out of state, I basically made him take it. It was getting hard on our marriage to watch him stay home every day when I had to work. We are in our mid 50s and are too young to retire, I do have a good job and we could make it on my income but it's tight. I just wanted him to feel like a provider again. He's been gone now for several months, and sometimes I feel guilty about making him take this job for a year, but he really needed this for self esteem. I miss him a lot but we skype each day and being apart can work, if your commmitted to make it.
TNLonely TNLonely
51-55, F
May 12, 2012