Passion Flight..........the Arrival

We were chatting for a bit and have been wanting to see each other for weeks. I toyed with the idea of flying to meet you in XXXXXX but the cost was just so expensive. I could not justify spending that much money on myself just to have a few days of passion.
The week was nearly over, your trip was fast approaching, we were talking again on the Thursday, the day before you were due to leave. I so wanted to feel your body, I wanted to feel you and have you inside me. Chatting to you made me realise that the cost should not matter. We were getting very flirty, I want to do such dirty things to you and you were replying with the same responses and it was getting me so Hot and Wet. While I was waiting for your messages, I bought up the flight details to see if there were any flights left. Much to my surprise there were. My heart started pounding and I did not want to be selfish and spend the money on myself but when I thought of the benefit to both of us, how could I resist.

I sent the message through to tell you that I was going to book, your response back was amazing, you were just as excited as me and I said that I felt like I was 18 again. Heart pounding, grin from ear to ear, imagining what I was going to do with your body when I got my hands on it. Thinking we would barely make it out of the airport carpark. We spoke to each other briefly and we were both just as excited as each other.
I had things to organise first and now had a very busy day ahead of me to pull it all off. There were kids to organise, telling them not to party in the temporary accommodation that I am in, washing to be done, and of course myself to tend to, to ensure everything was trimmed and in place so I could look and feel amazing. I spent the rest of the day on cloud nine, just picturing you and imagining touching you. Packing my bag, ensuring my vibrating nipple clips were in and the We Vibe 3 for both of us. Wondering what the airport security would think when these goodies came up on the screen.

I could not sleep, every time I closed my eyes I was imagining your ****. Oh how much I have missed feeling a rock hard **** inside me, it feels like forever. I had to work half the day and then off to the airport, it is a bit of a drive and I was so excited all the way, just thinking of you.
Sitting at the airport waiting to board, then 5 mins before boarding time the call comes across that we are delayed for 3 hours. Having to ring you to say my flight will not be there now till nearly midnight. You have everything ready, lots of special things set up in the room for us and I am so anxious. Going outside for some fresh air and listening to the grumbles of the other passengers. I am thinking if they are heading for a dirty weekend like I am.

Finally my flight lands in XXXXXX and I just about sprinted down the tarmac to get inside to see you. Coming out of the entrance and there you were, the biggest grin came on your face seeing me. I walked faster and threw myself into your arms, kissing you passionately and pulling your body close to mine. Inhaling you like I love to do, just the scent of you is erotic and intoxicating, it is imprinted in my mind always. Waiting for the baggage felt like a life time, I wanted you so bad. Finally the bag came through and we left for the car. When I saw the vehicle I knew there was no way I was going to be able to get my lips around your **** and get away with it. Lucky it was only 10 mins to get to our accommodation. Bags out of the car and as soon as that door was open I could not keep my hands off you. Straight into the shower for me because I wanted to be fresh for you. When I walked into the room you had candles lit and the scent was wafting through the air.

I dropped the towel to the floor and you came to the end of the bed naked, your erection was evident and I could not wait to get my lips on your ****. The head of your **** is so huge I can hardly get my lips around it, trying to engulf it and hardly taking it in at all, sometimes it sucks to have such a little mouth. The taste of precum as I lick and suck your amazing ****, and fondle your smooth balls, feeling the warmth of your **** and wanting to feel you enter me.

You gently pulled me up and further onto the bed, kissing and feeling each others bodies, knowing we fit together so well. Our bodies remembering each other. Your hands feeling my *****, finding my clitty and stimulating, rubbing up and down my lips and across my ****, I can feel that I am going to *** rather quickly with just the touch of your hand. It has been so long. You rub the head of your **** across my **** and the warmth is going to make me explode. Up and down my ***** lips and across my ****, when I am just on the point of ****** you enter me. “Bang” that huge explosion of pleasure, I am hugging you tightly, wrapping my legs around you, biting and sucking your skin, wanting you deeper and deeper. Running my nails down your back and pulling your *** into me. Your **** feels huge and is throbbing and thrusting in and out, you slow and hold yourself deep in me, kissing me passionately. I love to put my fingers in your hair and pull you towards me, hungrily wanting more and more of you, I love kissing you. Grinding together for what seemed an eternity, enjoying each other and hungrily seeking each other, remembering the pleasure of your last visit. I want to feel you explode in me, we pick up the pace together and exhausted with pleasure we both ***, then laying in each others arms totally spent, gazing into each others eyes and knowing we both feel the same passion. Just like when we first met over 20 years ago.

We planned on going to sleep, it was early hours of the morning but when you cuddled up behind me in the spoon position, adjusting your **** to fit between my legs. Just a little movement here and there and I was moving my body to feel your **** rub my ***** lips. It did not take long and he was up again ready for another ride. I arched my back and rubbed your **** against my ***** lips and ****, oh it was so hot, the heat coming off the knob of your ****, it was such a turn on. You had so much Precum coming out, I slid your **** down and pushed it to the entrance of my *****. Entering me slowly and tweaking my nipples, biting my neck, mmm I was in heaven. Pushing my hips back against you to feel you deeper and deeper, sliding in and out, just about fully out and then sliding back into me. You reached around and started to play with my ****. Knowing how much I love to be played with while you are inside of me. it gives me the biggest ******* and I just cannot get enough. You are still slowly moving your **** in and out of me while playing with my ****, I can feel the build up and you move your pace faster and deeper until I ***, shuddering and gasping.

You were not finished with me yet though, I rolled onto my back and we got out the we vibe to give it a whirl together. Playing with the settings and feeling you thrust into me, your **** and the vibe hitting my G spot made me have the most amazing and prolonged ****** ever. It felt like it was not going to end and left me shuddering and gasping, biting your shoulder and scratching your back, pulling you into me deeper and deeper. You still had a roaring hard on so I got onto my stomach and you took me from behind doggy style. Feeling you grab my shoulder and I arched my back right into you as you thrust into me. It is always so deep when you do that because your **** is so big. It is just so primal and I love ******* that way. You pounded me into the early hours of the morning until you finally ***. I lay there and then turned to you and asked if we could get some sleep finally, you laughed and we looked at the time, it was after 5am. We had been making love for over 4 hours. No wonder I was shattered. Time for some sleep before we started the new day.
To be continued…………………..
HowMuchCanaKoalaBear HowMuchCanaKoalaBear
41-45, F
May 21, 2012