Passion Flight..........the Morning Day 1

This is a continuation of my weekend with my partner of 20 years. We are still like a couple of kids together and enjoy each other immensely. Our passion and love for each other just gets stronger and stronger, even distance cannot shake our love for each other.


Waking in your arms is the most wonderful feeling. There were noisy trucks going past and I could not sleep. It was only 9am. You had promised me before going to bed that you would cook bacon and egg muffins for breakfast, and I jokingly said what if I wanted a sausage muffin. Those thoughts were still lingering in my mind, foggy as it was from so little sleep.


I stretched and rolled over to hug you. Just gazing into your eyes and still not believing I was there with you. Your **** sprung straight up as soon as I touched you and you were ready for action. My ***** was wanting more of the same that it had only a few hours before. Seeing your huge morning erection was making me tingle. I took your **** into my mouth and licked and sucked you. I do love the look and feel of your **** and it gets me so wet sucking you.


You ran your hands over my body, caressing my breasts and feeling my hips and thighs, it was definitely time for play again. You gently pushed me onto my back and took my nipple in your mouth, nibbling and sucking. Mmmm my ***** was tingling, I could feel myself getting so wet. You moved down my body slowly kissing as you went, spreading my legs so you could gaze at my *****. You have never been one to pay much lip service in the past so I was totally not expecting you to start licking my **** and tonguing my *****. Such a wonderful way to wake up. Feeling your tongue licking my **** and I was in heaven wanting more and more. Groaning with pleasure, oh baby I could let you do that to me all day long. You were licking and slipped your finger in my *****, ******* me with your finger and licking my ****, it was so amazing. (so glad I let you read my story on EP about never getting licked) You reached over and got my vibrating nipple clip, rubbed the end of it on your **** to get some precum and set it straight on my ****. I almost orgasmed immediately, it only took seconds as you set it right on my special spot. I get so tickly after ******* and it takes me a minute to regain and want to go again, but I love nothing more than to feel your **** enter me just as I am in the grips of an ****** and that is exactly what you did.


Your morning erection was huge, rubbing your juice at my entrance and then slowly pushing into me. Oh such pleasure, our bodies joining in the dance we love to play together. I love how our bodies fit together as if they were made for each other. I am not one for morning breath and enjoy morning sex for the sake of pure *******, I do not mind the no kissing. Just a little rule of mine in the morning until I have brushed my teeth. You get your rhythm and I am pulling you into me, harder and faster. I just cannot get you deep enough. I want to feel that rock hard **** pound me. I roll onto my stomach so you can take me from behind, I need to feel you pound into me and there is nothing deeper than doggy. You are so deep in me and I can almost feel my organs being pushed up with every thrust, I know as you get closer to ****** you are going to grow more and it makes me all the more excited. There is a little pain with the pleasure but I do not want you to stop. You grab my shoulder and pull me onto your shaft, I can feel my **** bouncing to the beat and your body slapping against my ***, and your balls slapping against my *****. Mmmm I am riding your **** and loving it, deeper and harder. Just pound me honey. Your strokes get faster and faster and I can feel your **** getting bigger and know you are about to ***. You explode inside me and I keep riding your **** to milk every last drop out of him. We collapse in a heap on the bed together to catch out breath. Cuddling and holding each other. Hunger wins though, you go off to the kitchen to cook the promised breakfast (I have already had the sausage feast) and I jump into the shower.


After coffee and breakfast it is off to visit friends and then shopping, who knows what the rest of the day will bring but the morning so far has been fabulous.

To be continued................



HowMuchCanaKoalaBear HowMuchCanaKoalaBear
41-45, F
May 22, 2012