I Wish I Can...

i don't know what to say...i always had a dream of having a long distance relationship..the trust in that relationship is great..i want to be like that..i never had a girlfriend and i wish that i find one here who has the same interest as me..
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Long distance for how long? When does it enter real life?

Just go about living the best and happiest life you can and you will meet a girl you can be friends with first and then maybe fall in love with. It takes time to get to know someone so don't rush it just to have sex.

Love is not just about having sex..there are much more in love..

Yes that's right. That is exactly what i'm saying. :)

But I am not attracted to any of my friends

How long have you known them. Sometimes attraction develops over the time you know them. Attraction to someone's personality should come before physical attraction. When you are 30 you will look at life and people differently :) Trust me :)

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noo! Soon you would want more than just messages and pics! And you would miss her all the time.. Ask me about it :( <br />
I wish you luck to find your girl right next to you not on web! And live happy ever after. :)

You will find the girl soon , don't worry :)

Why you think so??

Time will let you know

I don't deserve to be loved so no love will happen to me..

Ohh don't say this :/

But that's the truth

No it's not , believe me , someday you will find all what you need :) , don't worry

You are wrong..some people are not meant to have few things

Chat ! :P

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good luck finding the girl of ur dreams ninja :) she will be very lucky

thanks :)

It's really hard to find someone who can care for u and love u as much as u do for them ! Wish u best of luck of having that good girl

thank you

Ur wel :)