My Long Distance Relationship

I know my boyfriend for 3 years. We met at a online game called LaTale. First we were just friends and so we didn't really talk alot but i always liked him in away. So last year at the beginin of the summer he asked me to date him. We talked at skype most of the time because we live far away from each other. It lasted until the end of the summer when he broke up with me. With the next 6 months I tried to move on and forget him, but something inside me never did let go. So around February 2012 we started to talk again and soon after we got back together. And from that day forward we been dateing for almost 6 months. Its been a bumpy ride but love keeps us together. With him I really feel we are ment to be, even thought we are in a long distance relationship and sometimes its hard we survive it and take one day at the time.
Never give up on a relationship if you love the other half.
This is my story.
ColorInMyHeart ColorInMyHeart
18-21, F
Jul 7, 2012