Im confused abt dis at times..ive nvr been in a long distance before n i simply dnt want to loose upon dis guy i love..he'll be going for his higher studies out somewhere n i jst dont want our relationship to get over..if i go wid d long distance option will it work ? Bcause a day widout him seems so confused if i can do sp
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I know what you are going through. My boyfriend will be leaving to Manchester either this year or next year to do his work placement and he will be going for a year. Manchester isnt too far away from us we are both in Scotland. But anyway i guess the best thing you can do right now is cherish every moment you have together with your boyfriend and who knows everything might work out. I do believe long distance can work if both people in the relationship put in the effort to stay together. Heck im ready to take the 4 -5 hour trian ride to Manchester to see him. Also dont depend on your boyfriend too much. Ive been making that mistake lately and if you depend on them all the the time it will hurt you when its their time to leave. Good luck.

Thanku And i wish it works out for u as well :)