Just Turned 20 And Looking Forward To Starting Doing Amazing Things.

Last saturday was my birthday ... and Yeah I just turned 20... and feeling like real old! haha... I want to do many things , i think i need to start living my life and building up memories and share expierences with someone... but here it's the thing.... the person i wanna be with, He's halfway cross the world.... I fell for this guy who I just met by net.. We just clicked right away when we met each other.. he's such a nice guy.. The problem is the stupid distance and our colleges are blocking us to spend more time with eachother.. and i would love to spend more time with him.. I MISS HIM SO MUCH.. and I hope I'd go visiting him this summer with my dad support and he would afford me the trip to london ... hopefully... all is possible if you have faith on god and yourself.
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Jan 24, 2013

I agree all is possible