It Happened To Me! And I'M Soooo Happy Now!!!

I don't like distance relationships. Until I met this man, fell really in love with him. Whatever the cirmcumstances, I wanted to get to know him more, I wanted him in my life... and for him I am his woman... He saw me beyond the appearances, and I'm becoming that woman he always saw in me. And for him I'm his Shakti.

So I was draught into this long distance relationship naturally... And builded up lots and lots of patience. It was so intense, I wasn't even tempted to do like everyone, cheat on him, at least for "hygene reasons". I fell in love with him by sms and phone... That's what even weirder with my story... First time I met him we didn't even act like we were interested in each other, no kiss (on lips), no seduction conversation... Almost professionnal-like... However, the magic took place... maybe the indians put a spell in our rose lassi at the restaurant we went that evening?

So here's the story (I tried to make it brief): I met this man once, 5 years ago. We got in touch through internet, he was my brother's music teacher, accross the Carribbeans. I needed to get advice on some computer program he's good at, and my brother got us in contact. He invited me a few months later to a concert he was doing in France with another artist, that's where we meet. At the end of the concert, my brother who's good friend with him was so happy he was there, he glued to the group, and so we ended up going with them at th "after", eating all together in an indian reataurant. I was litterally attracted to that man. So mysterious, so unusual, mystic. I knew he was watching me, but in the inside... He avoided looking at me in the eyes all the time, I felt connected to him, even I was acting as I was interested by everyone elses conversations.

The next day, I sent him an sms thanking him politely for the concert invitation and the dinner with his friends. He answered back! Wow... Wow, such attention, from that guy I just met, 25 years older than me... a great artist too... He took the plane the next day, and told me he would call me from the airport! I was agreably surprised, asking myself at the same time why would he call from the airport to say goodbye to a girl he just met the day before, in a friendly context. Effectively, he called me from the airport. He also called my when he landed. From that point, we never stopped sending sms to each other the following months! Not one day without an sms! I know I am a bit crazy, and I know it, but I couldn't understand why him, why he couldn't stop sending me sms too! I'm not reasonable, but usually people are. I gradually fell in love with him. Through sms! I knew he was attracted/intrigued by me too. Two months later, he called me.. He voice felt like... so familiar... it felt good to hear his voice! That's when, on top of sending sms, he started to call me every day! From cell phone to cell phone... carribbean/france... you imagine the cost! He told me later that he could've bought 3 plane tickets to see me with the amount on the phone bill... We didn't have internet either... we started to skype so that we could not only read, hear each other, but see each other. I used to sit it the cold with my computer to catch a free wi-fi connexion! And adding to the time difference, he works at night and sleeps in the day, wich meant that I could communicate with him only very late (2am).

I really thought, and saw through our conversations, that he was a true good man.
I even told myself: "if ever he asks me to marry him one day, I'll say "yes" without any hesitation!".

8 months passed since the concert, not one day without a call or sms! He was in love with me too. W needed to meet again, and this time in real, and not as strangers, but as people in love. I told him I would take a plane ticket, that way we could see each other, using the pretext to visit my mother and do my summer internship too. He said he wanted to come here first, he wanted our first meeting to be in France rather than in his island. So he came a week before I left to the island.

Wow... I can't explain to you the intense emotions a few days before he arrived! At last I was going to see him! I mean, as his woman... He was coming directly to my place... How would he find my student modest little home? And to myself, ok I fell in love with him from distance, I trust my judgement, but in reallity, is he really as good as I believe? And will I "love" a "fat man"? Because, he's not the sportive-type handsome ideal man I used to describe in "quality lists"! He's medium size tall, he's got a big tummy... dreadlocks... he's 25 years older than me... but I was so in love with him... by sms/phone... And I was going to meet him in "real"! Wishing I didn't fool myself, I didn't want to be decieved.
Airport: arrivals. Long moment... When at last I saw him with the lagguges, I told myself "it Him, with a big "H"". And "gosh...! he's slimmer than in my memory, and he looks so much younger than I thought!".
He took me in his arms, we kissed our very first kiss... And I felt gooooood!

We went really really well together... Our first moments together, the first days together... I felt at ase, natural, loved, overwhelmed by tenderness... In security... It was great. He went back to the island, and 3 days after, I left too. We spent two weeks together before I decided to visit my mom and start my internship. But I was always at his place. It was fantastic. We were in love.

Than summer was over, I got back in France, home. I missed him soooo much!

Well figure out that in 4 years, he came 4 times! He used to stay 1 to 3 weeks. Each time we were more and more in love with each other, we felt more and more attached to one another. So he used to come for 2 weeks, and after that, we wouldn't see each other during 8 to 11 months. I used to wait for him to come back all the time.... every year, he said he would come more often... but there was always a problem. I even thought that he would never come... Some of his friends even told me that he was fooling me, he'll never leave his place. But I kept on believing and hoping to see him... because I felt so good, and happy when I saw him. We planned that by the end of my studies (that last 5 years), he should find a solution to get money, pack his things, studio, and move to France for good. Every year he said that.

2012 came along... I was waiting again 10 months for him to come and see me. He was telling me on he phone he was packing up, making boxes. When he came, I didn't really realize he was here for good! That arrived earlier than I thought, he moved for good last summer! And now, even we are living together, untill late december, I was still asking myself if that was real, if he was really here for good..? And yes, of course, he moved! His stuff came by boat in a container, when his friends travel, they bring him the remaining things left... So all this is becoming really concrete!

Right now, I've got one last year of studies left. I still kept my little student studio on the other end of the town, I spent a couple days a week there to study. So I guess things will become even more intense and concreate once I leave my studio, and move in for good with him, live in a home with him, in our home.

Marriage... etc... is the next chapter!

So Yes to long distance relationships! If the love is sincere and true...! It happened to me!
Rayamore Rayamore
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I felt happy for you, and could literally sense your happiness :) I believe you deserve this beautiful love after a long wait :) May both of your live a Happy life ahead, loving each other forever :)