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Im in a long distance relationship, I have a Tunisian boyfriend who i love very much. It takes alot of dedication, open communication, love and trust to get through the distance. And it can be so hard at times, but when we are together the pain fades away.

The worst part of the relationship for me is the wait until we can see eachother again. We talk every day on the phone, and msn. And we plan to get married next year, so the waiting and distance will all be worth it in the end, cos we will finally be together. x

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Hi Danni,<br />
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Nice to read your story, im glad you ended up each other.. yeah when you love the person so much, distant doesnt matter... just sad mine doesnt work out.. ive been in almost two years long distance relationship and didnt last.. He found another girl... Im happy for you. Please write and tell me how are you today?? Are you got married?

Merry Xmas to you all.<br />
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Im going to be with my fiance in 6 days, having a hug thats been so long over due. <br />
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For those of you that are not with loved ones at the moment, please remember: "Distance means so little when you love someone so much"......xxxx

I see my fiance in 11 days, i cannot wait.....Its only been 8 weeks since i last saw him and its tearing me apart.<br />
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I have so much respect and admiration for people in long distance relationships. Its tough with the distance, but love and the undeniable bond we have for our partners is what sees us through.<br />
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I still believe that the distance may be out of our control now, but somewhere in the near future we will be together. This is what keeps me going x

my husband is in the navy and out to sea right now so yeah its tough ... good luck to you guys

ooo i know how you feel and what you mean! my boyfriend/ fiance is in the navy an alway in a diff. state or over seas but next year we will also be married and every nite he will be coming home to me not an empty room. And the distance does make the relationship stronger. It so agg. hearing girls that live down the road from their boys and complaine that they haven't seen him in a few hours. i go months without seeing him. I see him for x-mas then don't see him again for almost a year! till our wedding.<br />
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I wish you and your love the best of luck and may all you twos dreams come true! Love is something great and when two people share it it becomes powerful!<br />
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thanks :)

Thank you for that hun, means alot.<br />
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I too hope that you get to see your beloved soon (((hugs))) for you xxx

aw... i wish you both the best in life... I hope it will work out for you and you will bond your lives forever.