How Did You Meet Your Military Men????

hey everyone!!

i was just curious to how you found the love of your life =] does anyone believe in fate?

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I totally believe in fate! I found the love of my life at a party with friends. Our one was heading off to her next base, so we were all there partying it up to say goodbye. He and I sat outside talking for HOURS in the freezing cold. I didn't even care I was shivering... I just wanted to keep talking to him. That night (or morning as it now was) he snuggled with me so I wouldn't freeze on the floor while we all slept for a few hours. And the rest is history. Although that was only three months ago. Lol. I am so in love! I feel the need to tell everyone!!! hehe. I LOVE MY AIRMAN!!

I was actually setting him up with my lady boss on a blind date. They were suppose to meet at 7pm a restaurant I picked out when my boss called me and said she can't make it....(and after I told her not to cancel!!) My (husband now) guy friend then called and beg me to meet him at the restaurant cause now he feels like an idiot for waiting and he leaves an hour away from his post. I felt bad for he was there an hour early for their date, a friend of mine and I went to meet with him for dinner....and the rest was history...! A year into dating, he was deployed after 9/11, came back and he asked to marry me, I said No, let's wait a couple more years and see how you'd still feel about me. (I'm 13 yrs his Jr.!) We hang out, partied, went out and he volunteered to go to his 2nd deployment...came back and asked me again to marry him, I said No again, let's wait another 3-5 yrs and SEE IF YOU'D STILL LOVE ME THE SAME....3rd deployment came...he ask if I wanted to marry him this time.... I said, this time YES!! We are on our 12th year togetherness and 5 yrs marriage. ;))

OKAAAY... how sweet!!!! :)

My fiance and I have been together for 8 months on November 18th. We went to elementary school together, but we really didnt know one another we just knew of each other. Then in January of 2011 I found him on facebook and added him, but we did not talk until March. He asked me if I wanted to come over his sister house since he was home from college visiting. I found it to be ironic that when I messaged him in March it was the first time he had been home from college in almost 7 months. So I went to meet up with him and we just hung out at his sisters and watched movies. Even though we only were able to spend 3 hours together that night I knew that we would be together forever. And that sounds so fake but its so true. Before I left he asked me to go on an actual date on friday, which was a week away. I obviously said yes. All week the only thing I thought about was seeing him again. So on Wednesday I texted him and asked him if I could see him on Thursday because there was no way I could wait until Friday. He said that he was just about to ask me the same thing :). So Thursday we went out :). I swear all our dates were crazy haha. Something always went wrong. Like the first night we met his sister was acting all crazy and it embarrassed him but it didnt bother me, then Thursday we ran into his dad at the restraunt we went to and he isnt the nicest person AT ALL, then friday a car wrecked right in front of us on our way home and it was because a girl got into a fight with her pimp... yes her pimp haha. And he punched her in the face, then she got out of the car and took her pants off right in the middle of the street and pissed in the street. Anyways now my fiance is in the Airforce, he left October 17th. I absolutely love him with everything I have and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him. I believe it was fate.

Met my current bf on YouTube.... Found out we lived in the same city, were the same age, and even attended the same school at some point.... Then met.

my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 14months. right now, hes in tech school in CA for linguist training. hes becoming an airborne linguist, learning persian farsi. when does your bf graduate from basic?

I know this is an old post, buuuut... Just out of curiosity, was he at DLI?

how about you? how did you meet him and how long have u 2 been dating?? :) :)

we've been dating for over a year now and he's in basic training for the AF :)

aw, hey dont be sorry. thank you for sharing =) so how long have you been dating your bf lovingmyAFman? and where is he now?

i am a strong believer in fate :)<br />
i met him well this might be long im sorry haha...<br />
i have a pool at my apt complex and when you walk out of my apt you have a clear view of it... so i walked out and i see these two guys from my school who i knew went to my school... well i came back and my mom was like "why do u care so much it's not like either of them will talk to you, go out and tan and mind your own business" i was freaking out cuz i had no makeup on and i had my hair up and i never have my hair up well back then i never did... so i went and all you hear is "wow dude look" and they were with two other girls so i quickly called my friend to make it seem like i was cool and wasn't a loser for being by myself well this guy (my bf) tells his friend to "sandwhich" me where i was sitting like one sit on one chair on each of my sides and so i told my friend i'd call her back and the guy (bf) was the only one talking to me so i looked over and the girls were just looking super pissed and i felt bad... so the guy (bf) was just asking me where i go to school and i was laughing cuz i felt like a loser that i knew who he was but he didn't know who i was... i knew him bcuz this girl i was friends with was like obsessed with him at a point but she was obsessed with a lot of ppl... anyways so the girls grabbed all their stuff and walked over to us and said i'll make u guys food come to my house... so the guys obviously went but one of the guys (my bf) asked me for my number. His friend wanted my number so his friend randomly started texting me that night and i was very confused cuz i honestly didn't even say one word to him at the pool... but eventually my bf finally started texting me and the reason why he didn't text me sooner was he forgot my name HAHAHAHAHA but ya :) hehehe good thing my mom made me go to the pool that day :) whoa this is long i'm so sorry

He sat next to me in my 7th grade class and and we both had a problem with talking in class ^.^ Love at first sight I would call it. It took him 4 years to build up the courage to ask me out haha! We just always hung out and made fun of eachother b4 that.

i met mine in high school through another friend..he asked me out my junior year (his senior year) and i told him no cause i thought i was to young.after he graduated he went of to basic training and we lost touch for 2 years..i got on facebook one day and decided to look him up and found him..we talked for about two months until he finally came home and then we met up and i ended up goin with him and his family to a mew years eve party and we have been dating ever since!!

i met mine at a party my freshman year of college. he was actually there with another girl...but she was a complete mess. he took her home but he came back and we talked the rest of the night. a few days later (sunday) he asked me to go to his fraternity's super bowl party. after that we dated for about a month, but things just didnt work out. we were both too young and immaturely stubborn. <br />
<br />
we recently got back together...we're both 21 now and he's in the AF. and he told me he always thought of me as "the one who got away". so we're giving it another go. and things just feel right with him. :)

I met the love of my life through my sister and her boyfriend. We are honestly a "match made in heaven" as he calls us. And yes, I DEFINITLY believe in fate. Or as I call it, destiny. =]