Difficult But True

i am in a long distance relationship and i believe they can work but they can be really hard

me and my bf have been going thro a lot of problems cuz we live so far apart but i am not ready to give up on him i love him so much but once in awhile we have those trust issues and i really hope we can make it work cuz i can't live without him even tho it mite take a lot of work i am ready to do it :)

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3 Responses Jan 17, 2009

I'm in a LDR with a wonderful person we have been togather for over 2 years , we never met , but deep inside i believe that somone day its gonna happen , no matter the distance and hope anyone who is in true love can make it to the one they love. :)

Its true these LDR's are difficult...Im engaged to my guy who lives in another country. Its so hard having trust for someone you dont see daily. But trust plays the key factor, as well as respect, love and honest/open communication.<br />
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It takes alot of work to keep the relationship going, and there are other commitments too like financial ones. But when you love someone so much you do anything to make things work. <br />
Good luck, and talk throughyour problems when they arise, dont let them simmer....xx

I guess if 2 people are really committed it must work. How often do you manage to meet up?