Worth the Wait

I'm in a new relationship with an incredibly wonderful man (who makes me laugh) and he lives in another state. 

I've never been involved in a LDR before, but I know that they can work.  Because we're working together to make it work.  Daily phone calls, emails, sending gifts and cute little cards to each other.  Little things like that really do help.  

Even though he's almost 2000 miles away, I feel more connected to him than I do with most other people who are within feet of me.  I can feel him near me just by hearing his soothing voice. 

So, for those of you who are considering a LDR or for those of you who are already in one, they can work.  It takes a little extra, but if the connection is strong enough, things will work out. 

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wow love that

Your words are very comforting. I know that we are in this group because we are in love. Being in a long distance relationship is completely worth it if you are with the right person. There is no doubt that they can work. They are bittersweet. We are hurting because we miss them, but we are so lucky and happy to be in love. I know that what you are experiencing is true love because I feel the exact same way as you do about my boyfriend. You took the words right of my mouth. The distance hurts, but it doesn't matter if two people are truly meant to be together. It's not easy, but you make it work.

thank you, i needed to hear this--more than you know.

im about 1100 miles from my love:)

I agree w/LDR... just met my fiance for real & he just got back to the US today... We had a great time together & he was able to met my family. We decided to got engaged before he left & now we're very much happy being committed... We just need to wait until we'll be together again to have our wedding & we're working things until I can come w/him in the US> I am from the Philippines & I could barely say that " Love knows no boundaries "... Now I am looking forward to have a better life & a good future w/my one & only love... I lvoe him more than I can ever imagine in my life & I thanked God every moment for He gave me this man mroe than I asked for. The love, care, honesty & most of all the assurance I have from him makes me happy & gave me the reason to be hopeful w/all things despite of the bad incident that had happened to me after my aborted wedding 4 yrs. ago. Now my life had changed, meaningful, full of laughter & LOVE... Nothing I could ask for... :)

alas...i'm in a world with the same situation as with mine!...LDR rocks!..hahaha

viper, thank you for your encouraging words.

YES it will work...im 500 miles away from him and we did it!

Thank you, my friend.

Kitten, your story is very nice. Little things like daily phone calls, or just missed calls (we cant call often because it's too expensive for us) and hear his voice, or just see him in webcam are one of the best things in my day. Always make me smile. I've been in LDR for more than 9months and i know it can work out. Even though in our relationship there are many many many boundaries, we want to do all for being together someday. <br />
noe good thing in LDR is, that if you are with the right person and you establish trust and honesty as a base of relationship, you create one of the strongest connection between two lovers. You cant touch or kiss him, but all your feelings are reflected in your eyes. best luck for you and your beloved :)

Lena, it's worth of waiting. my boyfriend lives more than 5000km away, on different continent and i know not all people can understand LDR relationship. good luck in all!

agree with u!!my boyfriend lives in Portugal+i live in greece(2000km away from him) but i feel him close to me..i love him loads+im so happy he loves me 2:-D he's hella sweet!!! But we got to "hide" our relationship cuz ppl cant undestand us..our common cybermates kno whats going on+are happy 4us..bt my friends believe a love like that's useless!HELL IT'S NOT!and plus ppl wont think i took the right decision with him..bc im a girl that guys here like a lot:-Swell MY JOJO LUV YA

M happy for u!n yes.u r sooo right!m in LDR since 2yearz n we r going great,bt yah,smtym there r pblmz,smtym severe n smtym tiny oNes.bt we nevr gIv up oN eaCh othr n workouT our Pblmz.bt there r m0ments wen i l0ng to hold his hand n want to hug him n cnt get it.its d 1 thng datz painful in LDR.i dnt knw if u guyZ'l believ me,bt we hav oNly met 4 two times.1st tym for 3h0urz n 2nd tym jst half an hour.stil we r hapy n t0taly faithful to eaChothr.

Serena, that was very kind of you. Thank you so very much. He deserves to be loved like he's never been loved before. And I'm going to give that to him.

That's great, CuriosityKitten! I'm happy for you and your new relationship. I wish you both luck and happiness in maintaining your LDR. You deserve a wonderful guy.

SantanaRex- you have a way with words! And yes it can be romantic in the sense you do little extra things not to take each other for granted.

Thank you so much, Girlie!!

as long as both people are willing to try and be honest it can work. i'm sooo happy for you!! you so deserve it. <br />

That's exactly what I was attempting to say. *Smiles* Thank you for putting into better words, Santana.

I think your right CK - I think with a LDR your less likely to take the other person for granted. Sometimes when you see someone everyday life can get routine and all the little stuff can take over pretty easily. If that happens you can drift apart. With a LDR any little contact can mean alot - so its tough because your not there - but more romantic because you try and do more to show someone you care, in little ways you might not think of or bother with if you see someone everyday.

I think it can actually be more romantic.

Ck- I agree with the fact you definitely get to know each other on a different level than in a day to day relationship. It is a work in progress for both people involved because since you arent face to face sometimes more reassurance of things is necessary because you arent together all the time. There is so much creativy there that can be explored in regards to communication. It is a true work in progress but if both parties are willing to make some adjustments it is definitely worth it :)

Thank you!!

Wow!! Good luck to you all!!! :)

I think two people can get a lot closer emotionally if superficial things aren't in the way. If you're sitting in front of someone, you automatically start thinking about their appearances, their clothes, their hair...things that don't matter in a relationship. When you spend all your time together on the phone, you're able to get to know the other person better because there's no judging. At least that's how I feel.

That's great that you both are putting effort into your LDR! I also think that you seem to be closer to someone even if their far away. Because you have the letters you put the time into, there's really no way for you to get on each others nerves so you don't fight too. Good luck with the relationship, I wish you the best.

Its worth it. You should give it a try. As long as you're both willing to work on it, things will be good.

Das, you have made me smile, yet again. Actually, you have made my heart smile and it needed that sunlight. Thank you.

I think my life is living proof that it is. : )

Very possible

*Smiles*<br />
<br />
Yes. It's definitely possible.

Long distance relations? Could it be possible? : )

I couldn't agree with you more, Angel. And I thank you for your blessings. xoxo

That feels good. Thank you, Das. XOXOXOXO right back at ya!!