Three Years of Hurting

I visited Greece 3 years ago...I am now 18, I met a boy in Greece and instantly fell head over heels, I don't know why, what was so special?....I have had boyfriends before and everything felt different with him, I guess you could say I was in love, even though I was only nearly 16, my parents had to drag me to the air port. Ever since, we speak everyday and I know he feels the same for me. Love makes you do stupid things I suppose, I've given up everything for him, college, friends, family... I am going to be with him in June... I guess I am in belief that all of this was destiny, the fact we are even more in love ...3 years later....thousands of miles feelings are just as strong for him, We still call each other up early hours in the morning because we cant sleep. I am so much in love with him and can't imagine life without him. So, yeah, if your truly meant to be with someone and love them, no matter how far apart you are from each other, nothing can stop you!!

megan1991 megan1991
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

I could NOT agree more! I moved away from my home town about 7months ago to be with my boyfriend (now fiance). We lived 700 miles apart for 7 years before I decided to move closer to him. I've never been so happy in my entire life. Good luck to you!