Its Very Simple... In My Opinion. Don't you agree?

As i was laying in bed this moring texting him, i realized that what is working for me, or at least what will work for me is very simple...

I think that as long as u don't change who u r and u talk things out and don't yell and make things more complicated then they already r, then yes, ur LDR will work.

I've read many stories on EP that say that the problems that lye within the relationship r problems such as, him or her not calling, him or her being to busy, his or hers family... thing such as this.

But i say that as long as you are the same person that you were when you met this person and don't let the LD effect how you felt when you met this person, then it will work. 

I have had disagreements, and petty arguements with him, but in the end we always talk it out. I've known him for 3 months now and we had our first real fight 2 weeks ago because we had planned on seeing each other the weekend before and something came up that we couldn't. It ended up making us fight over something stupid and we both realized afterwards that its not worth it to let things get to us when we are 6 and a half hours apart. 

I hope this helps someone. Because i know that who i was when i met him is not who i was when i was fighting with him. so don't let the distance change you!!!  

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1 Response Nov 23, 2009

yeah well as easy as it was to say all of this, im am now struggling to even stay in touch with him. i don't know what has happened, but we text msg every day but for some reason we don't communicate at all. <br />
I guess its just something that happenes over time, but i have always said & will always say that I HATE change (in a relationship)! I don't know who does like change but good for them, i hate it.