Hidden In Plain Sight

I needed a friend.  He needed a friend.  We were friends.  He dried my tears when the man I wanted left.  I offered my shoulder when the woman he chose disappointed him.  I never looked at him as a man.  We were just two lonely people, who needed someone to talk with.  He saw all the bad things about me before any of the good.  Why?  Because that's what I gave him.  He was the one who was there.  Honest, direct, and willing to listen.  So he got my mistakes, my pain, my tears, and my nightmares.  He got all the things that made me sad.  And I felt so much better having someone to share the burden with.

We spent a little time together after a year of talking through email, and suddenly I realized, my friend, the person I needed more than anyone, wasn't just someone I could talk with because I was lonely.  He was someone I wanted no matter what.  Just like in the movies, I fell in love with my best friend.  I didn't see him for all the things he is because...I wasn't paying attention?  I was too busy checking off qualities on a must have list?  I wanted a guy who doesn't fit me at all?  He isn't anything I had planned on.  He isn't the one I would have designed if I'd been given the pencil and sketch pad.  And yet he is everything I need, and many things I didn't know I needed until he got here.

He was hidden in plain sight. 
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5 Responses Oct 11, 2010

Well, it's been said that we often miss that which is right in front of us. True for me. We were friends for a year and I never saw the way he cared for me. But no one ever cared so much. So yes, next time you're out shopping for candles or writing at the coffee place, look around. You are such a beautiful soul, I'm sure people are noticing. How could they not?

Thank you Artsy. You, too, deserve love like this, and I'm sure you will find it with someone who can see how valuable you are.

Fungirl...Thank you. It's amazing and I still can't get over how completely blind I was. He was patient and loving and accepting. And now he's mine. <br />
<br />
cjpsf5...thank you for your warm wishes.

Very inspiring!!! Glad you found some.. Blessings to you..

Isn't that the way it always happens. The SGT dried so many of my tears and let me lean on him with all that happened to me. He just sat there and listened to me tell him about others and then one day I just realized there was no other. I am happy for you dear. You deserve a man just for you.