Unexpected Love

I do believe that love comes unexpectedly... the reason i believe this is because love came to me unexpectedly with a close friend.. it may seem strange enough but my close friend then became my best friend and then he became my boyfriend. falling in love with my best friend that was unexpected to me until i realized that i had loved him... my view of this guy was that he is just my friend, hanging out and having fun. but then unexpectedly it just happen that we both fell in love which was unexpected for the both of us. i didn't realize  that i had felt this way or i could even feel the way i did with him... i realized being around him made me feel safe and comforted with warmth. this was a happy feeling. so unexpected... its once in a lifetime u find love...
CoolRockerChic CoolRockerChic
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2 Responses Apr 6, 2012

Fabulous story. You have chanced upon the secret ingredient to a successful love relationship I'll bet. I know you will enjoy keeping your friendship alive and the added bonus of mutual love. The way it is meant to be.

I think this is the best way to happen

i think so too :)