Love Can Happen Anywhere

I believe that love comes unexpectadly because it has happen to me alot of times.The guy im with right now i honstly never thought i would actually love.But i do alot.Yes me and him argue and fight all the time over stupid *** ****,but in a way it makes our relationship stronger because we dont leave one another because of wat is said.Ive walked away already before and it was for the best i was happy witout him but i missed him so damn much.I am happy that im wit him again but it makes me wonder where i would be if i didnt have him in my life.I love him,but part of me still is missin one of my exes who i never thought i would love either.Hes the type that doesnt care wat happens,he causes trouble,he goes lookin for trouble and he is loud bout everything,and i didnt really want to be with someone lik that but i did end up datin him off and on 5 times within a year,he says he cant get ovr m bc im too addicting,im lik oxycottin hes always wantin more.I kno that is something that he shouldnt of said bc hes comparin me to drugs but in a way i found it rly sweet.
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011
22-25, F
May 16, 2012