The Love Story That Time Forgot

I didn't expect to find love where I did. I didn't expect to find love at all. But I not only found love, I found a soul mate. And now, 7 years on, we're getting married!

He was just that guy from my form class. A friend that you could never really consider 'boyfriend material'. He was funny, a total jackass and happened to have a fully grown beard before he was 14. He was a guy mate that made me laugh and pissed off the teachers with me. He tried to flirt with me a few times, but because I was going through emotional hell at the time, it never really seemed real to me. Never registered. And so that's all he was to me - my funny, stupid friend.

But then I began to notice subtle changes in him over time. He started spending more time around me and my friends, listening to the type of music I did, dressing in black (which was completely unheard of to me, as I was the only 'goth' in the school and to be like me was considered social suicide). It was just little things that he did to get closer to me. He changed everything that he was just to be able to speak to me and still, I didn't see it. Though I was denying it even to myself, I liked him back deep down. But I didn't know what was happening even in my home life and mentally, I was this shrivelled husk of a person who no longer understood the outside world or anyone in it. I was incapable of dealing with anything in such a way that a normal person would and it took me almost 10 years to fully recover.

So I did what I thought was normal. I asked him to follow me down to the school field and ditch class 'to get what you want', I said. I was so emotionally damaged at the time that I thought sex was the only method of showing affection. We'd never even kissed, nor did we for a long time, though he always tried.

He asked me to be his girlfriend endlessly for months, saying that he wanted more than sex. That he wanted me. I wanted to believe him but I was always so afraid of letting him in that I turned him down every time. Until one day when we had undeniably crossed over the barrier between friends and into something more. It had been almost two years since I had invited him to ditch class with me. Two years of sexual contact before I let him kiss me. And when I finally let him in, it was all worth it. Eventually, I realised that I loved him.

Over the years I went through ridiculous ups and downs, taking over 5 years more to finally recover from all my issues and he stayed with me throughout all of it. Even when it was all aimed spitefully at him so that I didn't have to blame myself. He stayed with me always.

Finally he asked me to marry him and I screamed yes. Although I was a fool blinded by insecurity at the time, being with him was the best decision that I ever made and I will love him until the end of time.

And now he won't ever be my stupid, funny friend ever again - he'll be my stupid, funny husband!
Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
1 Response May 23, 2012

Awww, sweet story! I'm glad you found your true love. This reinforces my hope that I will one day find mine!