Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

Hello there, how are you doing? ever been wondering when are you going to meet me?
Oh well, me.. I am wondering who you are, I still don't have any idea when or where I am going to meet you, or maybe I met you already but still didn't have the time to make it up to me.
Anyway, I am writing you this letter to tell you that I am not in a rush to meet you or to have you in my life if you are one of my friends, ex's or colleagues or the man I have never meet yet. But if we are already attached with each others lives, like I am your wife already, I want you to know that I have been waiting for you to come in my life, and I only want you to be the man I can grow old with, please don't leave me if you see any flaws or anything bad in my personality, try to correct me or tell me so that I will know what are the things I am going to make-up for you, I know that no ones perfect so if ever I see any things which are not pleasing for me, I will tell it to you and we both have to talk or fix anything in order to have a harmonious relationship.
I will trust you, and hope you also will do trust me.. I am not going to say no if you want to go outside and hang-out with your friends even if there are any other women around, you still have your freedom to go out where you want, but please if someone will flirt you just say that you are already loved by someone and you won't do anything to harm her. But if that woman will really seduce you and will do anything to ruin us, just call me and I'll be there to fight with that ***** and slap her face..hehehe..just kidding, but half mean't. I hope when you get drunk you will not lose yourself, and will not forget that you are already married..just go home and don't look for any trouble, 'cause I am just waiting for you at home and our future kids.
I will appreciate if you are going to help me do the chores, or if you can cook also for us I will be the luckiest wife ever. I will try and do my best to be your wife that you can be proud of, I will take care of you and our future kids. If we only have one TV at home, hope we won't argue for the channel that we are going to watch. We will set a schedule for our shows. If I have my period, I will tell you that I am moody, and get mad easily.. well, I'm sorry but you have to understand me in that situation. It's natural for us,just take it and understand after all its not for everyday.
I don't like drama's in life, and I hope you too. I am sweet in my own way, if you are like that too I will never forget the sweetness you are going to make, I will cherish and treasure that.
Don't worry about paying the bills or the other expenses we are going to have, I am going to work and will have a job of my own too.. let's help each other. But if you don't want me to work, then I will be a busy mom raising our kids and taking care of you.
I hope you will not leave me if you find someone who's better than me, because once you do that..it will break my heart. There are some time that I want to drink liquors , I prefer it at home, hope you are going to join me and if ever I'm drunk hope I don't look awful to you.
I used to have a headache usually, hope you will take care of me too and will give me a massage, your tender loving care would help to ease the pain away.
I hope you won't hit or hurt me physically , I don't want our future kids to see their mom as a battered wife, I don't want them to hate you.
I want you to be with me until we get old, until the time comes we see our future kids having their own family, even if my skin are already wrinkly, having white hair already and not a good looking as I am in my youthful days, you will still love me and still at my side. Likewise, I will do the same for you.
So, whoever you are and wherever you are right now, my dear future husband I know I am going to meet you at the right time.

Your Future Wife,
iamanasianrose iamanasianrose
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what !!! is it true ??? anyways , i think you have 100% qualities of my EXPECTED FUTURE WIFE. but hey it does not mean , i am your man , because , i live in India , and you live somewhere on the world , distance separates us , but after reading your letter , i am bit relaxed that one day i will find a my perfect wife , i am single and virgin and waiting for my a honest trust worthy virgin girl , but i lost my hope because i came across all perverted woman , i am scared , and i thought , honest womans are a myth, but after reading your letter to your husband , i am happy and confident , that still there exist woman who are beautiful at heart . but are you a virgin ?? be honest and mail the answer . are you still saving your virginity for your future husband ,, like i am saving my virginity for my future wife ???

oops sorry , i didnt know you are already in love with another man , sorry for posting the above comment . good luck , he is a lucky guy to have your love .i wish you all success .

Ahah that was so sweet and so funny! :D I really wish I could tell you "I'm here, I'm your man", but unfortunately I'm just another future wife like you, walking on this planet while I wait for him to answer me back :)

hehe..How I wish I am a guy to tell you also that "hey, I finally found my missing puzzle piece" but Anyways, I hope sooner or later hope we will meet the right one.