I Know It Does.

I'm in a relationship right now. A longdistance one on top of that. It's pretty annoying to not have physical contact with him. But we manage.

So this guy... This guy! Man, he is just something. Something special. I didn't think I'd fall for this guy. We "met" eachother on the internet in a chatroom. In a very depressing chatroom as that was all it was about. We talked for some time and became pretty good friends. Then out of the blue, there it was. Love.
It wasn't/ isn't just something that strikes you and then decides to dissapear the next week. No, I could feel that. I knew it was special.

I didn't excpect it, but there it was. Fortunately when I told him he said he was waiting for me to say that and if I didn't he would've told me about his feelings. So we felt the same way. We are still going strong and I'm loving it. It's great. It's the best feeling I've ever felt. He's everything to me.

So love can come unexpectadly. It hit me in the face, but in a good way. Like a wake up slap. I can never thank him enough for asking to talk to me. The chances of us meeting were so slim, and here we are. Life can bless us sometimes, I feel.
bluecupcakes bluecupcakes
18-21, F
Dec 24, 2012