Love Comes & Love Goes

I fell in love, she was beautiful & sweet, she came walking in & I knew she was the one, there were complictations it's hard to find someone without baggage attached when your 37, she was with 4 kids & a husband that treated her with disrespect she was sad & I wanted happiness for her, he was abusive mentally & physically, her desire to have hapiness led her to me we shared 4 months together I had never found someone that treated me do great. She left me 6 months down the track I contacted her & found out she went back to him, is life fair I think not I'm full of sadness & I give up.
somedayandoneday somedayandoneday
36-40, M
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

feel for you, i have been hurt too and its the worst feeling. if you wanna chat i'm happy to listen

Thankyou, same goes for you, take care Brett.