Love Absolutely Comes (and ...

Love absolutely comes (and goes) unexpectadly. When I was in the high school, I found the one. She was beautiful with a wonderful mind and the most caring person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in this life. She was strong in faith and morals. This girl was the one I know I wanted for all time. But alas, as life often is cruel, I couldn't have her. She had already found her one and only. I have to admit he was a great guy. Treated her well, respected her totally... Life moves on from there and I graduate and go off to the navy. I'm gone a year or so, keeping in contact sparingly through the passed time, and I come home on leave for a total of two weeks. As I did when returning home, I call my local friends to arrange a gathering, and through a friend of a friend I learn that Romeo is no more. My Joy, My Heart, My mind overcome with pure extacy. I was pretty happy. So I call her "to catch up" and she agrees to a see me. She picks me up and as neither of us are really looking to spend any money, we decide just to drive around and maybe go for a walk and look at the shops along the boardwalk. Never one for material things, "it's just fun to look," as she put it. So we are walking around and find this nice little secluded fountain in the rear of one of the many condos. Just a fountain sitting there amongst the buildings. As we were already leaning toward romance, having my love for her never being a secret, and the fact that we had been discussing our love for Phantom of the Opera the entire evening, having even sung the whole soundtrack in the car to each other, myself the phantom and her my christine, the fountain was the perfect spot for our first kiss. Love overflowed through me. If God is Love, then he was with me, and me only, that night. Hand in Hand we went walking through the evening. Now as the evening has been so long ago and I havent recounted the event in quite some time, I dont know if the moon thing happened before or after the fountain but it only enhanced the evenings romance more. We found ourselves walking on the boardwalk and decided to walk on the beach near the ocean. The time was just before moonrise, and we decided to stop and watch the view. As it came up, it was crimson red, and a sight I had never seen. I had never seen the moon look so red, and it left me in awe. It continued to rise and gently faded from red to silver casting its reflection on the water so perfectly that it looked as if you could walk right on it as a path to the moon itself. The whole event inspired a song I wrote later. We continued to talk and laugh until the moon was well up and into his work, and we finished off the evening around 2am if I remember correctly, with a good night kiss that would never end, as she dropped me off back home. Being south florida, the next morning held showers that would last until early afternoon. Again we decided to see each other and just do some hanging out. Here comes the amazing part, I open the door to reveal her face and above her head is not one but TWO rainbows, stacked one on top of the other. I came to realize that every time I was with her I saw something beautiful that I had never seen before, as if she brought beauty to my life. If that wasn't a clear cut sign, I didn't know what was. I was hooked and it wasn't long before that I told her straight out those three little words, but would she feel the same? I was nervous as can be but to my relief she said it too! She expained that she couldn't help herself but she was falling for me too. For proof she showed me my name she had written in the fog on her window. She said she put it there just to see my name. So I was in some part with her, even if it only was my name. I only fell deeper for her after that. As time flies when you are having fun, my two weeks of leave was about to expire long before I ever wanted it to. Thats when I got crushed. We had a conversation before we were in too deep about long distance relationships and her need to have someone there for her she can lean on and hug and love in person. She didn't want a long distance relationship and with me being gone for 4-6  months at a time, she didn't think she could handle that. Knowing that it couldn't last, I decided to proceed anyway. I loved her for those two weeks and forever more. After I got back to the Navy, I received one letter from her thanking me for a wonderful time in her life and telling me she was hurting too that we couldn't be together. I never replied and really haven't spoken with her since. Yet my heart still has an empty spot with her initials carved yes love comes unexpectadly

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That's such a wonderful story, so well written as well, and I hope you two end up together someday again.