its was Halloween day my favorite time of the year:) i was in class whit a best friend. we didn't anything to do so we when on omegle! we talk, skipped , and got skipped. till we didn't skippe a black screen. so we says hey… and so did he. after a bit of talking we askt hime to turn on his camera and he did. as soon as i saw him my heart skipped a beet… so i talk to him till the end of the class and after that i got his Skype. PS he lives 40h way from me… so that night we talk and after all the days that passed we did and we did a internet romance. i never believed in that till i did it my self. one day for some reason my Skype stop working and we just lost all r contact in are phone. i was devastated i consent get him off my mind i loved him so much. so then 3 mounts passed and that where so sad i was just i dnt know how to say it but i was brocken. so i decided to do the internet ting one more time. i got this app calf we chat. i never got that app in my life but… i didn't believe it. but no its really him. for some reason he was in my we chat contact best feeling ever. i wrote to him and a few h later he replayed and wow we where so happy. that night we decided to do a Skype call and i cryd. i know in 3 mounts stuff had changed so we stood talking but ended it good. a few days pass and I'm so over it and i fond a really nice boy like no one can ever image in. and he send me a message and stuff got all sad like and i don't know y but i felt really sad but i wanted rings to end even if.. well u know… so he sent me a mesagd and it really emotional and i send a message back but the message never sensed. he blocked me . i wold say it was beacuz he didn't want to talk about that no more and he knows that that was the best ting to do…. i kept his picture on my phone till now just deleted it. i ket it to remind me the good time and the love but also the pain it did to me. i can for sure say it chang how i see a lot of ting. … the end … i hope some of u can onderstad of livd sorting like this..
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Aug 29, 2014