A Band-Aid for The Heart

Love hurts Bad As Hell. It can bring about  the most euphoric feelings in the world like you are floating on cloud 50 and then it can turn on you like the weather and make you feel like you've been stabbed with a rusty dagger repeatedly in your heart. But yet and still I wouldn't trade that emotion for anything in the world. The Pain and the Pleasure. It just comes with the territory. I still and do will always Love.
AwesomeAngel AwesomeAngel
22-25, F
3 Responses Jun 17, 2012

People can be perfectly fine by themselves. You need to learn how to be happy alone, before you can find love with another person. Then, you can be alone together.<br />
I think true love always lasts forever. And it hurts like nothing else, sometimes, but even then, it just makes the good times greater. You're Awesome, AwesomeAngel :)

thank u so much caeruleus. thanks.

I'm sorry but i disagree. it isnt worth the pain. people can be perfectly fine by themselves. love just gives a confirmed indication that a disaster is about to happen.

hmmm well not necessarily. I think that there is a love that can last forever.

I agree...Love equals pain..but it is well worth it!!

Damn Right Girlfriend:)