In order to be real, in order to be tangible for us to truly be aware of what this person or this group of people mean to us - it has to hurt. The mere thought of losing this person has to hurt so that you are therefore so inspired to do what you can to maintain and improve your friendship or relationship with the person rather than squander it. Love has to hurt yes almost like mercy that must be strained in order for it to hold any value. Courage must be tested in order for it to be a true virtue or we could all have medals and certificates of achievement that would be nothing. That being said, while love has to hurt for it to be real, it should not hurt as you exercise it. If it hurts or if there's abuse, mistrust or a sense of being treated and taken for a convenience then there's a warning sign of a need to change or possibly to walk out. I am not a coward nor am I particularly a masochist despite having a high threshold of emotional or mental pain. This is a large part of why I came up with the three strikes policy because I know failure to do so would result in me being the proverbial dishrag or doormat for everyone to wipe their emotions on. That is why I ceased advertising myself as a guardian because under that umbrella - I was a doormat. Plenty hopped under my wings whom I should have abandoned ages ago. PR was designed as a next step forward in proactive friendships and relationships, less of a 'victim' and more of activist.

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Mar 16, 2010