Yes I Do

I firmly believe the title of this group is true......for other people.

I used to believe it was true for me as well but have decided that......i don't have the mental makeup to take this gamble with my emotions. It hurts too much when it falls apart and i don't react very well to that hurt.

I wish the best to those who feel it is worth the risk and i truly believe for most people it is worth the gamble. May you all find the love you seek. If you have already found it then i hope that it lasts you a life time!
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I have been in relations for 5 years, sometimes it was very difficult continuing them.... I even wanted to stop it, because it hurt sometimes so much.... BUT i know that if you want to have anything sometimes you will have to suffer, and now I am not afraid of any pain..... because I get much more good feellings with love! and I agree for 100% that love is a risk but you should risk doing it!!! it is a wonderful feeling!

judging by the pictures i saw physically speaking it may have been the best move she ever made LOL

i won't argue with that. she had to be pretty dim to let you go :)

well i gotta say she wasn't the smartest cookie i've ever met LOL

from what you've said about her, your ex is a stupid **** lol

LOL my ex wife didn't want me at money yes......but not me

not necessarily. some people want their cake and eat it too. have you and whatever else strikes their fancy. they don't necessarily want to leave you, but rather, they want it all.

so then i'm basically right they are convinced there is something better out there and they are searching for it

some people are just greedy. you can give it to them good and they still look for fresh meat. the need for variety and all that.

thats true angelic

I agree with u. Actually, I'm way too careful when I get to know a man. I mean, I find it so hard to give my heart to a man, always out of fear wandering will he be the one for me, will I be a good woman for him, can he be the man for me that i'm looking for.. It drives me crazy sometimes. i think 'the one' doesn't really excist, but when it feels good for both two people, they can take the chance. After all i think people can only know a relationship will work or not once they give themselves a chance. <br />
I don't really know........

i figure if the women i've fallen for felt the need to get it elsewhere i must have been doing something wrong

that's where we disagree. i'm not perfect by far but i truly believe that the guys i knew had the bigger problems by far. i won't take any responsibility for them being ******** and jerks. the one thing i can fault myself for is dealing with them at all.

yeah i've only fallen in love twice and i was done wrong both times......honestly i think the odds are the problem lies with me at this point

i think i agree with you. i'm not much into gambling these days either. the deck always seems stacked against me.