It Is

It is risky, it has the chance for such a huge pay-off it has to have a risk to it. That's the way most things in life work. Love is one of the things that can make life worth living even in the darkest, saddest times. And if it doesn't work out, at least you'l have something to talk about, maybe even learn from. this is life, take some risks

AngelaDark AngelaDark
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2 Responses Mar 16, 2008

funny you put it that way. So many people say live life because you only have one, but I say live life because that's what it's for and you have nothing to lose except what you've gained in this life because you'll always have another chance at it

This is so true! So often, people let fear and hesitation rule their lives, but the truth is, sometimes faliure is a wonderful experience all its own. I mean look at Experience Project: all of the people here have stories to tell, some funny, some sweet, but many of them deep and meaningful, and I dare to bet most of them in that catagory are about sad things that happened to them. And we all learn from eachother's mistakes and grow and it's all good, you know? Just have to get out there and live, because you only have one opportunity to!