I Will Gladly Roll Those Dice...

I still see the counselor that my ex husband and I saw trying to save our marriage.  She was the 3rd in a string of them that we tried.  Each in turn had basically thrown their hands up in despair.

JD and I now see her together….suppose we are trying to make sure we learned something from our failures and do better this time with each other.

She said something to me when I told her of JD and that I wanted her to meet him.  She was impressed as she put it that I still had the capacity to love considering what I had been through with my ex.

Not so sure it’s about that….I think it’s more about JD just being very easy to love.  He is kind, sweet and very gentle.  Tender hearted as I have ever known.

There are no guarantees in this world…with him or anyone else.  He though…is very much worth taking the chance.

Lexus Lexus
36-40, F
Nov 27, 2007