Love Is the Movement

To write love on her arms in an outreach. They focus on helping the lost, the broken, the addicted and suicidal. Its to show people that although rehab and programs are good, its the people that count. People NEED people. To love and be loved. Its an outreach that provides hope to the hopeless.

"Don Miller says we're called to hold our hands against the wounds of a broken world, to stop the bleeding.
And i completely agree."

We are angry, or hurt. We cut to punish or feel SOMETHING. We drink to forget, and then smoke to feel better.
I beleive that love is the movement, because when it comes down to it, isnt that what we need? Something to beleive in? Someone that cares?

This outreach is more than helping someone from the edge. Its about love.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2009

This is a great outlook! Thank you so much for sharing, it's a very important thing for everyone to understand :)