Working with children proves this every day. Not only through the way they interact with each other, but the way they carry themselves.

Age has no relation to maturity what so ever. Life experiences, upbringing, education, to name a few, all have an effect on how mature someone is.


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What you say is true and the consequence of our actions bares it out. And society measures this consequence as belonging to various age groups. Throwing a teenage tantrum at a board meeting will get you places outside the boardroom. Role models help us. Mark Shuttleworth, Bill and Melinda Gates, James Cameron, Marilyn vos Savant. Their meme influence on us is welcomed. Enjoy your maturity; it gets better all the time.

I completely agree.<br />
I'm 17 for another month but sometimes I feel like I'm already 37. And I have for probably four years now..

I can happily say I act my age.<br />
Im just dead lucky my age is young. Give me a few years and Ill still be in the same place mentally.

So true - I am 63 years old and everyone tells me I act like I am twelve. Oh well

Maturity is in the eye of the beholder as well. Not all people labelled as mature are neccissarily mature to someone else. But your right, age has no bearing on how mature someone is.

Intelligence and wisdom do too.

I concur :)