Unconditional Love...

When I was little, we had two dogs. Snuffer, and her son, Spike Jr. (his Dad was Spike). They were the most sensative creatures I have ever had the privilege to know. And today I am sharing two of my most precious experiences with them.

The first one happened about three years ago. I was in the middle of a huge fight with my very best friend. I remember, I was sitting on my swing outside, and crying my eyes out. Snuffer walked over to me, and just sat there. I know that she knew how I was feeling, because there were other events in which she exhibited the same behavior.

The second experience is the one that I will never forget, and the one that made me 100% believe in Heaven. It took place around two years ago. Snuffer got killed by some strays, and Spike Jr. had gotten very sick and died. I had a new puppy, who sadly also go killed by the strays (they got caught, don't worry). I was very guilty, because Max (the puppy) had cost $150 dollars, and I brought him to a great new home that he only got to experience for one month. So one night, I decided to pray. I said "If you forgive me, please come into my dream."

Well, that night, a dog did come into my dream. Two, in fact. Yep, you guessed it - Snuffer and Spike Jr.! I realized that they were so in touch with my feelings, that they didn't leave them behind, even when they had gone to Heaven. So, yes, I fully believe that animals can understand us. And, like a mother, love us unconditionally, and many more things. Animals are amazing, not a doubt in my mind!
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I agree 100 %