Colleagues Story

A colleague recently told me that as a child of 5 years she drowned in the sea and was resuscitated.

Whilst she was 'dead ' she said she saw her entire life .

She saw details such as the colour of her sisters coat and what they had to eat.

Details that her mother was astonished that she remembered.

She is now fifty plus and can recall the incident very very clearly.

Since then I have read many accounts of near death experiences and almost always there is a life review.

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Very interesting...thanks for sharing.

I am sure there is

I've heard many many stories of NDE's. I read them all the time online. It gives me comfort that there is "something" after death

It is certainly 'food for thought' <br />
<br />
I wrote 'most people' because I thought that people with dementia and other illnesses may not have this clear review.

I know someone who "died" in the hospital and was revived. She remembers watching herself as she lay "dead" and think I can't be...I have young children and they need me." She says she saw relatives who were dead particularly a loving Grandmother etc.<br />
I'm not sure what all this means Tasmin...don't know if there is a "life review" or not but it is quite intruiging!