The Day Will Come Lol!!

yes, the day will come when cows will rule the world!! they might look like stupid animals, just wondering around fields all day, eating grass and letting out the odd "moooooo" every now and again, but i believe they have a secret plan to one day rise up and take over the world!!! so just watch out lol!! those cows you see in your nearest field arent as innocent as they seem, and i know, cos i have connections in the cow community that told me so lol!!! ha ha ha
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3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

nope, im not looking for one hth13 lol!!!<br />
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no, its definitely going to be cows *floydess*!!! lol

nope!!! lol

i have no idea!! lol, all i know is that when all cows reach a certain age, they join the cow army, were they go through strict military procedures and fitness programmes, and any cows that dont shape up, get sent to the slaughterhouse!! lol<br />
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we do this at night time, as we dont want the human population to suspect anything!! <br />
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cos I master *cowie* along with my accomplices sergeant *milko* and captain *moo*, have a plan to take over the world!! lol!! we will not disappear into the night, and we will not lay down without a fight, we will take the human race by surprise, and rise up and seize control of the whole world!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA oops, i almost forgot im a cow, and humans arent supposed to know that i can talk!!! "MOOOOOOOOOOOOO"