An Explanation.

Okay, so. This group was created after a conversation with my mother about how our significant others often equate sex with comfort.

Personally however, if I'm upset with you about something or over in the corner crying and you want to make me feel better....trying to sleep with me isn't going to do the trick. Especially if you're the one I'm upset with.

Despite what some fellas may think, your penis is not a cure-all.


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5 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Ditto on this one. For the rare occasions that I am upset, I want to be left alone.

They ex husband equated sex with love... Once our sex life was over (he started having problems...), he was ready to leave... I was relieved though, it was over for me a long time before that...

Not only is it not a cure-all, sometimes it's the poblem! LOL

Ah...I agree there. :)

*grins*<br />
If they're not the one you're upset with though, is sex not nice? Kind of like a fluffy cloud?