I believe people can change good and bad. My ex is a great example of this. We dated all threw high school and we had a great relationship we had a lot of things in common as far as interests, religious views etc. When we turned 18 we decided this was the real deal and became engaged. He was a wonderful man. His brother and him where close and when he passed he went from smoking pot to doing a lot harder drugs. He became a totally different person. Now I know we are talking about a change due to chemicals but bare with me here ok? He became so, so violent to the point I remember locking myself in the bedroom and pushing things in front of the door to keep him out because I was so scared of him. Granted I could have called for help but that is a situation all it's own for very personal reasons I chose not too but that is besides the point of his story. After he hit rock bottom; bottom and I hit rock bottom because of his actions he decided to get help. His family who knew some things that where going on because I had to call his older brother once and the poor guy I was just screaming bloddy murder into the phone and he came and calmed him down kept telling me and other family members there is NO WAY he is going change there is no way he can get clean maybe this was the person he was all along, a person that is barred deep inside and with the aid of drugs was able to come out and show himself but I don't think that was it. I was along with other syptical if he was going to be able to change, and he did. He went and became clean and he has changed. He is now as of a few days ago married to a wonderful girl who I know will keep his butt on track and he is excepting a little one in a few months. When you see him he looks so happy, so healthy and I keep in contact with him mother who says that he is doing just amazing. He has gone back and finished his degree and works a good job and it just goes to show, people do change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse someone better, worse and then better again.

I want to add to anyone reading this if you are in a abusive relationship do not wait to see if they get better. Get help for yourself because you can't change them they have to want to change themselves and sometimes they smily just do not want to, I was lucky that he knew that he needed help but that also came with his supportive family who helped him to see it was time to change.
Chicgeekgal Chicgeekgal
26-30, F
Aug 18, 2014