A Good Enemy Is Better Than A False Friend

we really have to be careful of who we let into our lives,i don't believe people can change just cover up who they really are and pretend. when we let people back into our life that messes up once to many times and say "they can change" is because we want to believe it so bad, but they don't change after a while they go back to there old selves and when we get **** in the process we have no one to blame but our selves.i will post my story at a later date

kikio kikio
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 28, 2010

I agree. I think something can happen to change your situation, appearing to be a change, but it is just that circumstances change. Take the phrase once a cheater always a cheater. I think this is true, but as a person grows older the opportunity dries up. As a rebellious child of divorce I was a promiscuous teen and young adult. I married at 21 years old and was married for 22 years. I am not a cheater and was faithful. I told myself if I ever found myself faithful I would not repeat past mistakes. Well lo and behold I found myself single and repeating the same pattern of mistakes no matter how I try to change.