I am attracted to very few men. My friends and family call me "too choosey" and "too hard to please"..

However, for me attraction is very real and either strikes me like a bolt of lightening, or passes me by like an ocean liner bobbing serenely on the sea, without so much as a ripple to show it existed..

I hardly ever see anyone to whom I'm physically attracted, and when I have, I have ended up in long term relationships with each of the five of them!

Some friends say my taste is incredibly restricted, but I cannot help it or indeed change it. I like literally tall, dark and handsome, or to elaborate dark hair, olive skin and very beautiful.

However, they need to have real substance behind the pretty boy features. I am attracted to the following qualities:

Sharp wit, razor sharp intelligence, spiritual understanding and philosophy on life, warmth, kindness, emotional intelligence, and good old values such as a caring nature.

I've been incredibly blessed having grown up with a father and three brothers who possess all these qualities in abundance, in addition to striking good looks so I guess my expectations were established at a young age.

The most astonishing thing of all, is that I have been even more blessed to have only been with men who matched up to my ridiculously high expectations!!!!! I for one, am most incredulous at my good fortune and have to stop to pinch myself as to how on earth this could happen to "little ole me!

Admittedly, most have been considerably younger than me, ie around 13 years younger . Still uncertain as to what that means, although the term "cougar" I really do not feel seems suitable, as I have never once approached a man myself. I'm a tad too old fashioned for that.

Anyway, these are are the inane ramblings of a woman reflecting on her own, bizarre laws of attraction... But when I have felt it, particularly with the love of my life, it truly was as physical as the most beautiful caress on my cheek without so much as a finger having touched me...
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I don't think it's too choosy, although perhaps it is as you have a "type" ... I don't have a type, I rarely feel attracted to anyone, even if I can tell they are good looking, but everyone I've felt attracted to have been very different "types"

So you don't have a definable type, but you know it when you find it? Can you put your finger on what type of qualities/look you are drawn towards?

Yeah if I am attracted to someone it is an instant realisation, some butterflies, pupils dilate, deep breath...

Well I think it is 50/50 looks and personality... they really combine
I like tall, fair and blonde, or dark ... nice smile ... thick hair.. confident, friendly, considerate, kind, ... it's really attractive if they do something nice for someone purely for being nice, not for getting anything, .. like helping the older lady reach something from up high .... I like skinny or muscly ... a broad chest ... any nationality/racial background ... country, city, or beach, ..... and if they're really into something, that's attractive .. e.g. reading, surfing, athletics, farming whatever

Same I'm super choosy

That's admirable at your tender years.. I'm impressed.

Thank you

You sound like a woman, after my own heart x

Sweet x