Dear Old Rumors

A close friend told after knowing for 5 years and not saying a word
That my husband (now my ex) was sleeping with her sister !!!! Wow
So i in return told her what i knew about hers which i must add i had only found out about her other half 2 days earlier not 5 years !
So she confronted her partner who then turned on me and said just cause your husband screws around doesn't mean i am.
Hes lying he is also a cheater.
Now rumor has it my life is so fu## up that i have nothing better to do but try break up peoples relationships.
Isnt loyalty to your friend ment to be like this?
Now she wont talk to me anymore,
How exactly am i the bad one??
Please help???
heartbrokenx3 heartbrokenx3
31-35, F
Jul 11, 2010