Room Full Of Morons.

There have been many vicious rumors about me being spread all over the internet, but I am going to address the few that affected me the most.

This first one is one in which I'm accused of being gay/lesbian. Look...just because the majority of my friends happen to be female/male/whatever does NOT make me gay/lesbian. I just think it's really immature that people think that "closet" as in monsters that hide in the closet means something homoerotic these days.'s just a nod to Boogieman mythos - it's NOTHING like what you think it means.

The second is that they think i'm insane just because I like to RP as a monster. Look. If a furry or the like chooses to be a character and RP as them, that is THEIR decision - not yours. Sure, I can RP as a monster all I want but that's my decision so just shut up about it already.

Thirdly, this next one is regarding how they think I live in a 'group home' or whatever-the-hell-they-think-I-live-in. Look I live in a normal house with my normal family, sure we're a little weird but we DON'T live in a group home.

And lastly....there's one going around that I hump plushies and live animals, which I don't - I don't eat junk food anymore either. Gah, where are these stupid rumours coming from? Oh that's right, the internet.
Monstermaster13 Monstermaster13
22-25, M
Dec 1, 2012