I Felt The Dark Power Beating And Trying To Invade My Soul

I believe there is darkness and light in all things .... like day and night, joy and sadness, black holes and white holes... and so on.

I have had few weird experiences. one night I swear I see the shaddow of a huge half man half bird figure fligh over a window at night

was it protecting or sending a doomsday?

but I believe in the paranormal and ghosts and witchcraft

I believe there is more to this world than some people want to acknowledge,

I believe there is life after death and aliens and other dimensions

I believe that all our minds to some degree a linked.

I have known witch doctors .... and I think you should be really careful messing with the spirits

I have seen heard the spirits raise their wrath and anger in a sudden burst of thunder or a phenomenal things that just can't be explained

I believe sometimes hate is as powerful and as warping as love and some people actually do not even know the difference... and maybe in the frenzy of passion sometimes that can be good but sometimes its bad

in my opinion satanic groups do exist for a purpose to break down good souls sometimes

some people are naturally good souled people while others are less so...but its a choice in the end.

I like to win and look beautiful and have money and success and to have a sexual passion with someone that is a special place and I believe that good does win ... all behaviours are a choice ... even the ones we struggle with we have to try to control.

satan is not the problem as much as peoples desire that over ride reason or where they do pact chants and sacrifices of children etc are wrong

everyone has to set boundaries and limits.

I met people who were evil and who did evil things for their kicks and it was like they did have special powers ...

I would rather stick to the white wicca or good witchcraft

I don't believe in sexual killings and blood lusts ...

sex is not satan or is pride or money ... satan is the force or state some use to obtain those things ...!
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You realize that Satanism is atheistic, right? Their is no belief in gods, demons, or anything supernatural

This post is nearly two years old but that is only Lavaeyan satanism; there is other forms of satanism