I love science and have a deep respect for it. I am more apt to follow scientific fact than spiritual belief. I've always had the attitude of, "If it not scientifically proven, I'll have to experience it to believe it." I only believe in what is known as pseudoscience (psychic abilities, ghosts and spirits, esp, and so on) because I experienced it. Otherwise, I would not believe it. :-)

But beyond that... I do believe that science has a dark side and can be dangerous. The invention of weapons of mass destruction and biochemical warfare. Very ugly and dark things. Created by science and the most brilliant minds of our time. I do understand the curiosity and I do find this kind of science highly fascinating! I can see the appeal to it. But is it morally right? I don't think so. The invention of these things are very dark and the world would have been better off without it. This is my opinion on it. :-/

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Science wouldn't be so scary if the scientist themselves weren't so Psychotic, trust me i work with them and they are a little loony toons

Science enables humanity's progress however humanity has to make it's own value judgements regarding how this knowledge should be used for the benefit of all.<br />
It is no substitute for Ethics.

Med researchers scare me the most. Even a small country or well funded group can create a highly toxic substance and release it on any population…DD