Everything Has A Dark Side

I respect and follow scienctific issues as much as I (a nonscientist type) can.  Science has a dark side of course, as does just about everything else.  Darwin and eugenics did not lead to Nazism, the Nazis just used whatever they could find to forward their own propaganda and beliefs.  Religion is used the same way.  Science could lead to some very dark ideas and actions, but also to some wonderful outcomes for many problems, preventative and actual.  Wish I could remove the profit motive for some discoveries, but that is how it currently works and does lead to help for many.  We as a people just have to be careful in how far we let science go and in what directions. Easy? No. But imperative. Just leave the animal out of it if at all possible.

kwanfan kwanfan
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2010

Pure science without political motive is what I like as it can help people. However, all too often, people abuse science to meet a political agenda. Most anything in the wrong hands can be abused. It's why I like science without any agenda, as it helps explain how things work, and why they happen.

One incident helped sour me on the scientific educational philosophy: in chemistry grad school we had a problem to solve in an advanced course and my [less talented] friend and I collaborated on producing a solution. I was chastised for cooperating when we were supposed to be pitted against each other for grades. Is it any wonder patents make all things chemical artificially expensive?

Sure. And the best way to make people aware of the dangers and beneficts of science is by education. Science projects like the ones you have in school aren't enough. are the kids taught how to develop critical thinking and analysis? Are the teachers really qualified for that or are they just sticking to text books because it's easier and they can't be bothered to work harder? (I am a teacher, btw...) It's a pitty that the levels of scientific literacy are actually low in the United States (view Piza OECD report)... Interesting, isn't it? But thenagain, if you consider that Science is today interlocked wit Technology, and if you think where all the new technology is coming from, maybe that is not so surprising after all.