God And All The Saints

i lost It when i was 13. just a bumbling kid supriesed i was doing it at all. but as circumstances plyed out, being snowed in by a blizzard at her house for nearly 2 weeks, we had plenty of chances to experiment and work on our techique and stamina. that when i began to realize that there is no better teacher than experience. now in my mid 40's, graying and overweight, i have all the confidence of 33 years of experience. like the song by Toby Keith says.. "i may not be as good as i once was, but i'm as good once as i ever was..." the hardest lesson for me to learn was that it ws not all about Me. i had to learn to focus on Her. and the better i did at making her see god and all the saints, the better it turned out for me. now i could go into all the tips and tricks i have collected over the years, but that would be cheating for the reader. lol but if i have togive something, just remember that it is not all about the penetration. and don't go straight for the best parts when there is some much more to discover.
Devilonyashoulda Devilonyashoulda
46-50, M
May 9, 2012