What Many Do Not Know,....

..., and till I had met her, I really didn't either. A few years back I had he most wonderful lover. She was coming out of a bad marriage and moved to the area and we met on Yahoo. Personals. Well we really hit it off and she was a very open Female. We became lovers and she was just the hottest gal I had been with since my marriage. I love a Female that is not shy in bed-ask, you have only to get an answer-I'm not very shy in a candle lit room on a huge bed and chilled wines at the besides-really I'm not.

I had never been told i was HUGE nor tiny-I have never been told I was lousy in bed. I always thot I was pretty healthy-thicker than most and maybe a bit longer than average-just a healthy happy sexual Male. Then one night she just put it out there-"how "big" am I. I froze and resisted going into the "MAN MODE" of lying so I just told her and she refused to believe I was that "small". LOL!!! Man I felt great and yet I had never really been approached with such aggressiveness about the subject-not even by my ex!  She said some time "we were going to measure that ole boy and I really started to sweat that thot.

But I had a skiing accident in college and it tore all the tendons and all that the they "cut" to elongate a Males penis. I get going long enough and relax, I can gain a good inch as the "strings" release my inner root and I thot that was what happened that night! (but I can usually feel it happening)

SO, one night she was just tearing me up. I was just loving her way in bed that night and all the sudden she wanted it long and hard so I dug in and really started pumping, like all the way and then some, every stroke into her very hot ans moist puss,  just grinding my pubic mound into her lovely, dripping-swollen libs, really pressing against her Cleetorus and all I could hear was moans climbing into F'n this and F'n that  and then she just shot off all over in my loins and belly-I was insane and after a while she had me pull out in a hurry and to my confused amazement-she unveiled a cloth tape rule and proceeded to measure my bone-and I have to say -it was worth measuring after the things she did to me! LOL!!!

I heard an OMG at a healthy 7 and then she said "8 at least". I had to think-8,...., at least!!??  I laid there. bone throbbing and she looked at me and said I was a real hunk-LOL!!!! well I can say that I know I'm thick-but "long" and an 8+ to boot-I asked if she ever made something the right size, She was a theater costume tailor! HOOT! She looked at me as she slowing strokes me, her eyes I could have fallen into in the candle light, laying there she told me her secret that most Males and men have no idea about. And I will now share this with you all, my "education" on how big a Male really is!

Males and most Females "see" what is hanging-I was there too. But I always wondered why Males with obviously LONG bones don't monopolize the breeding world. This Female's husband was almost 10" and yet she left him-he was sexing his nurse! She informed me that guys with really long bones are great but they rarely think about a Females cleetoris. And if the well hung Male does go deep to hit it EVERY TIME, well it can be pretty uncomfortable if he wants to go hard and really pump it. (I'm always learning!)  But a Male with a shorter bone can really go at it and hit the cleetorus every time. The "perfect" bone in her opinion was a thick one, and about 6-8". LOL!!! And I asked her "HOW" she got that from my measurements( I really thot she was being flattering, stroking her Males' ego more than his bone with all this pillow talk)

Well she told me, the "working inch".   !?!?!?!??!!!! huh? Seems all the bone you see is nothing but to get that last inch of shaft that we "don't" see come into play. (It's that inch or so that goes past your eyesight and to the pubic bone of the Male-it actually is your last inch, the "working inch"! LOL!!!) That if you have a 6" bone-you really have a 7". When a Male really goes at it and penetrates as far as he can, grinding his pubic bone into his Female, his peenis goes in an extra inch,..., or more. Yah for a 10" can easily be 11"+-yeowch!  HOOOT! Then she showed me her tape rule and started at the tip of my glans, ( oh I was hard all thru this-I was so hot on her and she never stopped pulling at my hood while she was explaining all this "revelation" to me! ), and went down the top of my shaft till she "just" pushed into my pubic mound, I was just under 7"! WOW_BUT THEN she kept pushing into my mound and it read almost 8! HOLY CRAP_she was right. It did not hurt-in fact I saw that my mound would give way a good inch and I was actually getting the "working inch"! It made sense since my erektion doesn't point straight out of "up", it hangs downward yet it's rock hard and stiff, like it hurts to try to bend it too far upwards. SO I can see why lovers have told me to slow down in the canine position and it's actually my favorite since I have always "felt" really deeper than in the missionary and yet in the missionary, I seem to hit a G spot pretty easily more times than not.  It's this last inch of your shaft Males that gets you to the cleetoris. Allows the Male to really grind it and send his female off to places only they go. Of course I always "had" that working inch. But it's funny that since that time and we were together, I would be so hot that my inner root slid out a few times (remember the "gift" of the skiing accident!-grin) and I actually had to take it slower by request since my "working inch" was more like "working inches". The tendons and ligaments relaxed and I measured out at a bit past 9"! (yah she kept that tape handy for when it might happen in the night stand for just that occasion!) Wish I could MAKE that happen every time but it's appreciated when it shows itself! HOOOOT!

So if you think you are "short" will re-think it. you are 5"-you are actually pushing 6",..., 6"? well 7" ain't shabby and so on. I had the "thick" part, and having non-surgically restored my 4skin with all that slinky skin back and my glans once again moist and sensitive from being under the hood for almost 2 years now, I have really enjoyed the "working inch' knowledge-not that I have gained anything-I just now know I have a inch I knew nothing about and on how really important it is to "use it"!

But y'know-"nothing" replaces" the love and caring for your mate. a 10" or a 6". But if you learn all you can on how to use what you got-well, "a person can get pretty hot seeing someone they love and care about getting hornie as all get out-and they "want you"! It's what makes it all work for me anyways!

Be good all-S in SC

* I hate the word filters-some spellings are on purpose! be good
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Sep 16, 2012