Sexy Needs

Sex is a need on two different levels for me.

When I am in a relationship, it is a way to show love, closeness, togetherness, and feeling. It is a way to express yourself to your partner, showing them how much you desire them, want them and want to please them as much as they please you. Sex for me starts in the mind first and builds that desire up so that by the time I see my partner, he can barely contain himself. I love to tease him, with him knowing that the payoff will be some mindblowing sex.

It's such a personal and intimate way for expressing your feelings for your significant other (or And it's fun and a wonderful stress buster! ;) Which would be the second level for me, relieving stress. Sex is healthy. :)

I think of sex as a way of communicating desires, wants and needs. Sex isn't just the act of sex for me. It's a way of communication with the payoff being that both parties are feeling loved, wanted, needed and satisfied.
Miluna Miluna
36-40, F
3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Lost in the woulds, good to hear from you. Yes it's an absolute need, no matter how you label it. Nature shows that need when teen boys start to have wet dreams cause they haven't learn the self pleasure or real sex with a female. Women have their monthly periods again showing they need to be fertilized. These are the ways nature tells you that sexual intercourse is a need. Cropshop, loving, caring , giving, sharing, caressing etc. are fine but if they don't include intercourse then the need isn't met. Make sense?

sex is definately a need,without it you are not fulfilled.but it is not the act itself .It is the loving understanding that two people have for each other. the loving,giving ,sharing and caressing,building up to the ultimate ex<x>pression of love & togetherness that two people can share & join as one in total ecstasy !

Sex is an ultimate ex<x>pression of love, it's healthy for mentle piece and keeps you mojo goiong. Without sex there isn't any communication between the two. Flirting is part of sexual communication that helps us cope with our daily travail. Good post.